The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Even the workmen think the council's done it wrong

We're having parking restrictions applied to the end of our street. It makes sense - ever since the car park fees went up, people have been parking their vehicles nearby, and that means in front of us. Since that's on a bit of a bend, the council has decided it's a hazard, and they're now applying the restrictions.

What doesn't make sense is that the restriction only applies up to the left side of the drive of the neighbour to our left. We would have preferred it to run to the right of our driveway: that wouldn't have lost any parking spaces on our side of the road, but it would have stopped parking immediately opposite us, just by the exit of the private car park opposite us. A car parked there not only half blocks the car park entrance, it also makes it difficult for us to reverse into our driveway. But no, the restriction is as they originally decided.

This morning, as I was about to leave for work, I heard the sound of a road drill. Looking out the window, I saw that workmen have parked their truck across our driveway and were busy erecting the signs warning about the restrictions. I wandered out and, while waiting for them to move the obstruction so I could go to work, light-heartedly asked them if they wouldn't move the end up.

They sighed. They themselves think the end point is silly, and apparently pointed it out. They're having to erect a pole to put a sign on, when there's a lamp post that would have been so much more convenient at the right side of our drive.

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