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Sic transit Glory Monday ... Wednesday ...

After my two days at Wembley stadium, we took time out last night to go to the cinema: the Vue at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge.

We arrived in plenty of time, and had a meal at the Peking. Afterwards, we wandered back into the centre, which was doing its Wednesday late opening, so all the shops were still open. And we decided to wander over to the Heffers in the corner.


By the time you see this, it will no longer be there. Last night was its closing down sale. This is annoying, because I like bookshops (if there was one here in Royston, I'd actually get to one occasionally). And this particular branch was the one where we met Mike Carey, and Neal Asher, and various others including jemck (not that we hadn't met her a number of times earlier, but I'd not want to leave her out).

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