The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

On LCD TVs ... oooh, shiny!

OK, so I've been doing a lot of overtime recently, and it's paid overtime. So it's time to spend some of it. What we're looking at is finally buying a nice large LCD TV, which we'll wall mount on a bracket so we can push it back out of the way when not required.

My eye is currently on the 42LG6000. It's a 42" panel, with 10-bit colour rather than 8, full 100Hz rather than 50, and it's got shed-loads of connectors round the back. It is, of course, full 1080p HD.

(I was looking at the 42LG5000, which was somewhat cheaper, but has now been made end-of-line. It's also good, but not quite as good.)

Anybody particularly enthused about something else in that general region?

ETA: My goodness, there's not a lot of info about this model out there yet. This post is already on page 3 of a Google for 42LG6000 + review.

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