The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman


And another six-monthly visit to the dentist. For the first time, at their new premises.

(A couple of years ago, the proprietor of a local side street butcher went AWOL. After about a year, the actual owner of the premises decided enough was enough, and went looking for a new tenant. Planning permission for a dental practice was pretty much a formality. Of course, a fair bit of work was involved in the modifications.)

Parking was easy - the street comprises long residential terraces, with a post office near the station end, but otherwise just housing. The cars parked there at night are mostly not there during the day.

I was in the chair for all of five minutes, so got out early, despite the dentist not actually arriving at the surgery until a couple of minutes after my appointment was supposed to start. I note that of the three listed dentists, mine is, I think, Greek Cypriot (qualified at the Karolinska, yet), a second one is probably an Egyptian woman (judging by name and look - definitely a woman) and the third has a Chinese name.

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