The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Party time

simonb's party - and he didn't know what it was going to be. Because it was his 30th birthday (youngster!), ottah had decided on something special, and arranged with Richie Winter's for a toy-&-clothing do, with all sorts of wonderful items on display. The bellinghwoman and I compared notes with Gary and Charlotte from RW on the comparitive efficacy of the best ones.

Up in the bedroom was a variety of clothing, mostly Shirley of Hollywood. While I don't normally like the stuff they produce, one item they did have was a red chinese silk brocade corset, size 34, that fit the bellinghwoman just perfectly. So I bought it for her forthcoming birthday, much to Janet's disgust, since she wanted it too.

Also bought (but couldn't have it immediately) the amazingly effective shaving kit - two items made by Seiko of Japan, one of which is a fine-toothed clipper for taking the hair back to the skin, the other a 'buffer' which you then run over the skin to do a very fine final polish, so you don't leave a stubble.

We also discovered that Charlotte and her kids are mad for Discworld stuff, so we promised to send her some membership forms for the convention - it may be completely incongruous for the theme of the evening, but who cares - we're sluts as far as trying to flog memberships is concerned.

Afterwards, back home to Royston. We've an early flight to Zurich, so the bellinghwoman doesn't even bother to sleep.

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