June 27th, 2011


Evolving etiquette #2

We walked past the newer 'shrine' on Saturday morning, and had a closer look. I now have another question. Why do people put in them what they do?

a) Flowers. OK, that's what we expect - they're a symbol of the fleeting nature of life.

b) A reproduction road sign, for Stamford Bridge. OK, that has meaning, the dead teenager was a Chelsea fan.

c) Cans of Red Bull and bottles of Lucozade. Hmm, well, there is a long history of libatory drinks, and given the driver was apparently drunk, alcoholic ones would have been inappropriate.

d) A shrink wrapped ball of string.

Yes, you read that right. A ball of string, still in its polythene wrapping.

Perhaps that last one just fell out of a shopping bag while the owner was laying something else.

autopope should stay away

It's now 32.5C in this corner of southern England. And there's also a reasonable humidity index - not enough to be positively oppressive, but enough that it can't be termed a dry heat.

Yes, that's 90.5 Fahrenheit. And we don't even have the heat island excuse that London could use.

In other news, we're probably not going to be available for feorag's potential trip darn Sarf, since we're likely to be over at Silverstone again next Sunday. We can't really put it off to the following weekend, since there's a Formula 1 GP taking place that day, and we have no desire to get caught in the traffic.

When Wikipedia goes wrong

Today's front page article on Baconnaise contains a table listing the supposed nutritional values per 13g serving.

It would appear that a serving contains 0.08 kCal of energy.

It also manages to contain 9g of fat (a figure not surprising in anything like a mayonnaise, which is after all a way of consuming flavoured emulsified oils).

Something that manages to be both mostly fat, and almost free from calories? I don't think so. I think it's not 0.08 kCal, I think it's 0.08 MCal, or 80 kCal, three orders of magnitude higher than quoted.

ETA: Oh dear, it was all too much for tisiphone, so you'll have to look back in the history to see what I was on about.