December 31st, 2010


Interesting beer

Tesco are currently selling an American Double IPA.

Well, it actually appears to be a rebadged Brewdog Hardcore IPA, which makes it Scottish - hoppy as hell, and a remarkable production, £1.99 a bottle, or two for £2 in our store.

(It's at the extreme end for hoppiness - guesses indicate something beyond about 120 IBU)

Definitely for sipping rather than quaffing. I actually quite like it, but it's not one for the kids.

(Oh and this week's New Scientist (may require registration) has an article about these beers with 20 times the flavour of a lite beer.)

ETA: Oh, how annoying, the 'two for £2' pricing has been removed since last night.


I notice that current Ferry costs for the Irish Sea route are about £250 return.

This is just to get two of us and the car from dockside Holyhead to dockside Dublin Port. It doesn't count the cost of getting the car to Holyhead in the first place, nor the cost of stashing it somewhere in central Dublin for a few days. So it's pretty expensive, and quite tiring, all things considered.

On the other hand, return tickets for the pair of us from Stevenage to Dublin Port are currently at £152, by train and ferry.

(For comparison, Ryanair from Stansted to Dublin airport would be about £75 by the time they've done their bait-and-switch tactics. Plus parking ... another £50. And then there's the bus from the airport down to the centre. So it could conceivably be cheaper, but not by much.)

I think we may be taking the train this time.

ETA: there's indication on Seat61 that it should be possible to do it for £97 from Royston, assuming we go Stena.