December 20th, 2010


The British Obsession

It's -10.5 out there this morning.

And the snow is both cold enough and deep enough that driving is getting interesting. There would appear to have been only the lightest of gritting, judging by the cleanness of the snow undertyre.

This is so not the weather I've grown up used to in this part of the world. In most of the years since we moved here, there's been either only a light shower of snow, or no snow at all of a winter. This year, we've had the second big shower already, and last year was unusually snowy too.

On fine dining

There are apparently 4 restaurants in the UK that have 3 Michelin stars - 2 in London, 2 in Bray.

I dined at one last Friday - Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. I had the tasting menu, because everything on it looked good and the chances were that I'd not get to try all those dishes any time soon.

Nom nom nom

(I note the Chinese meal we had in Tokyo was at a Michelin starred place. But not a 3-star one.)

(Eep! I've just seen what my meal cost - before wine. It makes the Rockpool look like a cheap eatery.)


14:00 today - what should have been pretty much the warmest part of the day.

Still -8C

I think it'll be cold tonight