November 9th, 2010



I've been using the same main email address forever (at least by Internet standards). Since sometime in the latter half of the 1990s, anyway.

I just had someone on the phone remark to me "That's a very Terry Pratchett email address".

"Isn't it just?"

May I just take this opportunity to say to the LSpace Cabal that I do appreciate having an email address.


From here

"We found out [on Monday] when tests showed he had malaria," said Ancelotti.

"He has this virus and, obviously, he lost power and training."
Ah, no.

But isn't it nice that a disease that kills millions only has a performance impact on a Premiership footballer?

Dumb criminals UK

BBC news report.

There's a reason that criminals are advised not to 'foul their own nests' - i.e. to go elsewhere to do their robbery and such. In this case, the victim ended up getting help from the robber's own household.

Oh the embarrassment!