October 12th, 2010


Notes from NewCon 5 (#1)

When making name badges, make sure your badge typeface uses the same character set as your membership database. Look for at least one name in your database that has unusual characters such as Siân, and make sure it's not coming out looking like Sifn. It's easy to forget to do this at a British or American based convention, since most of your names won't show the problem.

ETA: Note - this is a mistake I have also made. The first run of Discworld 2010 name badges included a handful with really odd characters in.

Physiological reflexes

Does anybody here know why I just started hiccoughing? Or rather, since I know what the trigger is - what causes me to hiccough when encountering a particularly hot sauce (in this instance Dave's Insanity)?

Oh, and it's about time pepper sauce manufacturers came up with a common heat scale - and published it on their bottles. A rough SHU range would be fine, I'm only asking for an approximation.