July 26th, 2010


Damn Mastercard

Some months back, they changed my credit card number.

I have a 6 month cycle on my WoW subscription.

That 6 months just expired, freezing my account.

First crop

We've picked the first crop from the farm:

No, it's not a full crop, this is more a case of thinning out some beans. (There are about 200 pods there, of two varieties - the purple ones turn green on cooking.) But we're getting there - even if this first pick was an order of magnitude away from what we'll need for the boxes, it shows that we can get something from this soil. They tasted good, too.

Hmm, it's just as well we like brassicas, because even after the white fly has had its go, we'll have silly amounts of cabbage and Brussels sprouts. And assuming we get any rain to help swell them, lots of tatties too.

Sherlock, no sh*t!

We caught the new series Sherlock last night.

Apart from one somewhat-too-obvious mystery (possibly due to over sign posting), I think I can say it was a success. Martin Freeman did an excellent job as ex-army-medic Dr Watson, and as said elsewhere, made the most watchable Watson I've seen. Resetting the series in the here and now is an interesting decision, but (at least partly due to a strong sense of place in London) it works. This is totally the Sherlock Holmes that Conan Doyle would have written if he'd had to cope with one way systems and mobile phones and the Internet. The first hour didn't really put a foot wrong, and though the last 30 minutes was a bit slower, in general this is something worth watching.

So, full marks to the Dr Who team (Moffat, Gatiss, Vertue) taking the time out to do this too.

(The only thing missing was the obvious modern line that my title inverts. We did spot one particular point that it could have been dropped in.)

ETA: there may be spoilers in the comments

Three times with three teams?

2002: F1 rules against team orders are instated after Ferrari order Rubens Barrichello to let Michael Schumacher past to win.

Monaco 2007: McLaren order Lewis Hamilton not to challenge Fernando Alonso for the race win.

Singapore 2008: Renault order Nelson Piquet to crash to cause a safety car period that helps Alonso win.

Hockenheim 2010: Ferrari order Felipe Massa to let Alonso past for the win.

Fernando does seem to benefit a lot from this.