June 24th, 2010


Archaeology and agriculture

One of the things about walking furrows is that one sees small bits of flint around.

At times like that, I'd love to know whether what I'm looking at is an accidental shaping, or whether it is an actual stone tool. Not having the eye to distinguish an eolith from a real tool, I'd like to have an archaeologist to hand, to tell me whether something that fits my hand naturally as a scraper is a scraper, or just an accident.

Yesterday one appeared.

Sadly, he was wandering along with a GPS and maps of Wimpole in 1638 in hand, and he was actually on the lookout for other archaeologists rather than flints.

I wonder whether uitlander is aware of a Peter Richard Cushing.

As far as work was concerned, we were there for nearly three hours, and we now have lettuces planted, as well as more bean canes. And much watering, too.