May 19th, 2010


Sold out?

Talk about selling fast.

I just paid for two tickets to ISIHAC, at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Tickets went on sale at 10:00

I remembered at about 10:10

By the time I actually got through on the web site, the best seats I could get (and I wanted 2 together) were in row UU. That's pretty well near the back, and that was at 10:20.

The State Opening of Parliament

Oh joy!

The State Opening of Parliament will be next Tuesday. This means high security in the area.

I shall be involved in the driving of a white van through the immediate area the morning of the day before, and the evening after, the event.


(I'm not looking forward to the alarm going off on Monday morning. I have to be at work by 05:00. I really don't function well at that time of morning, but we need to be in Westminster by 08:00.)

(And when I say 'immediate area', I'm talking about a destination a mere 300 metres away.)

Diary clash

Oh dearie me.

Today is my day for buying tickets for performances at the Corn Exchange. I've now purchased a pair of tickets to see aging prog rockers par excellence Messrs Wakeman and Anderson - the closest I'm ever likely to see Yes in concert.

There's only one slight hitch.

It's on the 9th of October, which is the same day as we were intending on attending NewCon in Northampton.

Ah well, we'll have to drive over from Northampton to go to the gig, and return the following morning. It does mean we won't bother with a hotel room.