May 12th, 2010



My 5 year old Casio Excilim has died. Rather, its lens is not zooming properly, graunching in and out and not actually zooming properly.

So I'm looking for a new camera, one that can fit in a (possibly large) pocket as opposed to a full DSLR. I'm also looking at the possibility of something that I can take down under instead of lugging my DSLR all that way, so a bridge camera of some sort seems indicated. Oh, and the Canon G11, though very nice looking, is more than I'm looking to spend.

So, small, light, decent sensor, good optics, good digital zoom (to go from macro all the way out to telephoto equivalent). GPS tagging looks like a cute idea. Movie clips nice, but not required. Weirdo memory cards disliked (Sony, I'm looking at you) but not a deal-breaker.

Suggestions? Recommendations? Warnings? Digital cameras killed the film industry, you insensitive clod?

Iron Man

We went to see this last night.

I'm amazed at just how quickly two hours can fly. Quick verdict - pure unadulterated entertainment with minimal social comment, very slick and smooth. Whatever plot holes and inconsistencies there may be are lost in the action.

Quite why both Larry 'Oracle' Ellison and Elon 'PayPal' Musk appear is anyone's guess.

Edit: According to Jon Favreau, director of the Iron Man movies, Musk is the inspiration for his and Robert Downey Jr's interpretation of Tony Stark