April 22nd, 2010


Career limiting move

A colleague recently had a car accident. It wasn't his fault - a delivery lorry reversed into his car while he was stationary waiting for a gap in traffic before pulling out into a main road. But the lorry driver didn't want to admit fault, and started abusing our Pravin, calling him a Paki and so on.

(Pravin is, technically speaking, Kenyan born of Indian ancestry, and thus our token African, since we already have Chinese and Indian born employees - we are missing a South American, with our closest yet having been a Guatemalan.)

This is possibly a little foolish on the part of the driver, who was driving a lorry for an Indian company, delivering Indian food to an Indian grocer.


... and we're done

The fencing is now complete. The gate has yet to be hung, but a three hour session this evening completed all the rabbit fencing - there must be about 300 metres or so of it in total.

In fact, we all left at 19:45, with 15 minutes of the period left.

(No, we didn't get there till 18:00, so our contribution was a bit under 2 hours. Evening sessions will be like that though: not everyone gets off work at the same time.)

There seems to be a point with fencing where suddenly it becomes much quicker. It's somewhere around the point where a whole length of chicken wire is being held up against the posts: if there are two people left over to staple the top, that bit goes twice as quick as if there's only one.