July 23rd, 2009


Low flying

We just had the Red Arrows going overhead. Presumably on their way to Lowestoft, judging by their course.

On the other hand, their schedule also notes 'Private Military Event', and I note from other news that the RAF is celebrating 40 years of the Harrier at RAF Wittering.

(Looks at course again.)

OK, they were probably on the run in for a flypast there, with Lowestoft following afterwards.

Spelling wose


I'm writing a proposal. It uses one particular word a lot: regimen.

I keep wanting to type the words either side of it, either regime or regiment. If I do so, of course the spell checker won't notice.

ACM 0 - Breathtaking stupidity 1

I'm a member of the ACM - the Association for Computing Machinery. Among other benefits, every month, I receive a nicely printed magazine containing relevant articles.

I just received an email inviting me to read the latest issue online. So I clicked the link, and went to the website, expecting to see a bunch of PDFs or the like.

Oh no, that's way too sane for them.

No, the page I see is built up out of tiled bitmaps of print. If I zoom in, instead of easily readable large-font text, I get blown up pixelated images.

The headline story? "A Blind Person's Interactions with Technology". Oh, the irony of delivering that article in a way that so neatly denies a blind person, even one with a screen reader.