July 20th, 2009



At some time on Saturday, I was chatting to someone who needed ceb's email address, regarding sorting out a panel.

Since I spoke to a large number of people who will be on panels, I'm damned if I can quite remember whom it was that I spoke to, though my #1 suspect right now, having just checked the program, is uitlander.

Next door to Willis

Our Chicago office is in a reasonably tall building - 200 South Wacker Drive, just over 40 floors. But it's somewhat overshadowed by the Willis Tower on the opposite side of the street, which is nearly three times the height, and the tallest building in the US.

The Willis Tower?

Well, they do expect people to take a decade or two to really get used to its new name. It used to be known as the Sears Tower.


OK, so why are so many cars these days silver? A colleague was just looking round the car park and remarking on the fact that about 50% of all the cars in sight are that colour.

My hypothesis is that it's because a silver car can get very mucky indeed before it really needs washing (c.f white cars, which look mucky the moment you drive them off the dealer's forecourt), but I'd be interested to know if anyone has an insider's view. jemck, does Steve know?