April 28th, 2009


Lark Rise to Tingewick

The trilogy Lark Rise to Candleford is set at the end of the nineteenth century on the Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire borders. Although written in a memoir form, Flora Thompson fictionalised some names, most notably the title place-names and the young Laura. A few other places aren't named, though it's interesting to see which places she gives the proper names to.

Collapse ) It's odd going back to a place that one effectively left three decades earlier. It's carried on its own way, oblivious to my life, and I to its. The old centre is much the same (with, happily, somewhat less traffic, since it's no longer a through road), and I felt a twinge of longing for it. But I've lived many other places since, and though when I left, I'd spent the then-majority of my life there, that period is now so long ago.