April 27th, 2009


Floris Bread: first iteration

I've been playing around with a recipe from my late godfather, which was published twice that I know of, firstly in a book on Bakery by his mother, and then in his own book on Cakes. The Florises were a family of bakers, based in Soho (on Brewer Street, you may still be able to find a door lintel with the name 'Floris' carved into it), having immigrated from Hungary in the 1930s. They liked this bread well enough to sell it under their family name, and my mother remembers it fondly from when she was young.

It's unusual in making use of potato, as well as plain (not bread) flour. The result is a soft, light bread that gets eaten before it has a chance to go stale, but stays fresh much longer than any other bread I've made.

This is the version of the recipe I used on Saturday. It's a little modified from the original, which actually uses twice as much salt, and a little more yeast.

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