April 24th, 2009


Britain loses a motorway

After 50 years, the M10 will stop being a motorway.

Which means that the road number will now be freed up, and eventually may be assigned to a totally different road (as per the A14, which used to terminate 400 metres behind me, and which is now 20 minutes drive away).

The rationale is to permit non-motorway traffic to be able to travel between St Albs and Hemel. But the M10 currently merges directly into the M1, so they're going to have to do something at that end.

(Given the recent roadworks in the area, I suspect they're going to run some separated lanes parallel to the M1 for a mile or two, until it reaches the next junction.)

On Lark Rise

While reading the books, something finally trickled through my brain. Perhaps it's the description of the first trip to Candleford (early in book 2) wherein it is mentioned that Laura and Edmund have been to the market town often enough, and Candleford is not all that much further.

Market town? When the hamlet folk go shopping, they're going somewhere else?

Oh, of course. They're going to Brackley.

It does rather ruin the sense you get that the Lark Rise folk are always popping into Candleford: they probably almost never went there, having a perfectly good shopping town a couple of miles closer.

(And I realised another problem with the scenery the other evening - the corn fields aren't filled with poppies.)