April 16th, 2009


On bugs

Or MFUs, as Steve McConnell of Microsoft so aptly christened them. (For Major Fuck Ups)

No, I'm not talking about the Amazon case, which seems to have come together in a perfect storm of awful timing and disastrous applicability.

I'm talking about World of Warcraft. So far, I've seen two particular bugs. The first is that, if you pay your GP1000 and dual spec your talent tree, your talent trees get terribly confused (though the underlying data seems correct - I can still do a Corpse Explosion, even though the Talent Tree for my DK shows it greyed out).

The second it that, having put my screen into windowed mode, I can't get it out again. Oh, it selects non-windowed in the UI. But it isn't non-windowed, and the moment you go back in, the 'Windowed Mode' tickbox is ticked again.


I expect a bugfix next update day.

More WoW bugs

I have two more issues

1 When displaying the text in the status bar for an opponent, the text appears to be double printed.
2 It's forgotten some places I've been to. The most egregious example was being told I'd discovered the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge, the same Forlorn Cavern in which I'd spent many a happy hour fishing. (Unless this might be a case where they've created a new subzone ...)

Before I end up sounding like a broken record, I should say that there are definite improvements. The graphics seem to have been sharpened up, several icons are nicer, and the voice chat stuff appears to work better than previously (though that could just be me). If the bugs found (and with tens of millions of users, they will be found) are quickly fixed, I'd say it's generally positive (even if they have, as expected, nerfed Death Knights somewhat).