September 24th, 2008


In Stockmann's

The Stockmann department store in Helsinki is supposedly the largest department store in the Nordic countries, and it's after the title of largest in Europe. Naturally for such a large store, there is a large food department.

We went down to that food department to look around. At one point, we found the area for soft drinks. I noted a palette of stacked San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. I looked further, and noted with approval that there was basically no still bottled water to be found.

Finnish tap water is that good.

But then they take care that it is.

Typographic hack


A certain large UK supermarket produces promotional signage using software that we supply. In a bid to achieve a certain style, they want a curlier single quote character than their typeface provides. Something akin to the comma.

OK, that's obvious, why notuse the comma? Just shift the baseline ...


(Or in other words, the expression "s/'/\\a55;,\\a0;/g;" is applied to their input data before it reaches the text renderer. The '\a55;' escape sequence lifts the character baseline by 55% of the character height, '\a0;' puts it back to normal.)

In slightly better news, the person that hypatia dubs 'The Muppet' is no longer there.