August 28th, 2008



The problem with Con's is that

you can end up with Con' lurgy. In this case, a nasty little cold that first crept up on my poor, undefended sinuses. Air-con' can really dry out the mucous membranes, and with 800 other people around (the exact number I don't know, but early on, a mere 6% of the members had yet to turn up, and at least one of those was nwhyte who was coming for only one day), the chances of there not being something to catch is quite low.

Happily, it only kicked in on Tuesday, which was our day for travelling back, visiting aged Mater, rescuing kitties, and seeing Hellboy II at the Vue in Cambridge. Hunan Prawns are an excellent way of beating a cold into temporary submission anyway. Yesterday, I roused myself long enough to phone in sick, and then collapsed back into bed, where I slept another 8 hours before waking again.

I'm not entirely compos mentis today (mens sana in corpore sano, sed, corpus non sanum, mens non sana), so I don't expect a terribly productive day. Ah well.

(All apostrophes above are those of omission.)

It goes all the way to 0.1

Arriving at work this morning, I got to open my latest CDs.

Of course I wanted to play them.

The only problem I have is that although the CD player on my desk has a headphone socket, it's obviously designed to pump high power through traditional clamshell headphones. For in-ear plugs, it's difficult to get a sensible volume between 'off' and 'too loud'.