April 21st, 2008


Odd dream

I think I may have been dreaming in a Jasper Fforde novel Saturday night.

I don't remember the details, not at all, just some general theme.

bellinghwoman and I were inside a story, as unnamed bit-parts. And then she managed to get the main role previously held by Inigo Jones (yes, I don't know why, either), so we were secure and didn't need to go looking for work elsewhere.

Birthday treats

Most people in this company, when celebrating a birthday or the like, bring in cakes and snacks.

Today, however, it's bhajis and samosas and crisps.

Of the hot variety. Even the crisps, of which a colleague just took one which he ate without sufficient care. He was then spotted rushing off to the water fountain to cool his mouth down.

ETA: Homemade, except for the crisps.