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November 12th, 2007 - Off in the distance — LiveJournal
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May 2016

The Bellinghman
Date: 2007-11-12 12:58
Subject: Value for money? Yes
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On Saturday, I indulged, for the very first time, in one of those reunion sorts of things.

Actually, it wasn't a reunion type of event at all, but it was organised by the East Anglian branch of the St Catharine's College Society. It was a wine tasting, and bellinghwoman and I went along to be tutored by the college wine steward on the wines of New Zealand.


Eight wines (four each of red and white), and our end of the table ended up with a disproportionate share. That's because we got a bottle of each wine, and there were only four of us. Yes, that's two bottles each. (The other end of our table, poor dears, had eight bottles between six.)

They were very nice. None were cheap (ranging in price from just over a tenner up to £30 for a bottle), but we did have to admit defeat, leaving the bottles unemptied.

Of the whites, our favourite was a Riesling which, though not up to the Mosel Ausleses we've been buying recently, was still rather nice, followed by a Pinot Gris. We were unimpressed[*] by the Chardonnay, despite its price (it was the most expensive of them), putting it in fourth place among the whites, behind a Sauvignon Blanc.

Of the reds, the Merlot was most approachable, with the Syrah being typically difficult to get into (though leaving it in the glass for a while helped - definitely a case for decanting). There was also a Merlot/CabSauv/CabFranc/Malbec blend - i.e. the typical claret blend, and £20/bottle - and then, the £30/bottle one, a Pinot Noir that was rather special.

At least the walk from Catz back to the station didn't seem very long at all.

[*]I wouldn't have kicked it out of bed, but it better not have got crumbs under the duvet.
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