October 18th, 2007


A pleasant night in Cambridge

You know your Hu Nan Prawns are a little on the hot side when not only are you having to apologise to your fellow dinners for the chilli oil in the air, but your partner is asking you to breathe in a different direction, please, as she's not as heat tolerant as you are. But they were delicious.

(In more news, the Peking isn't moving yet - the end of the year is their current expected date. And Sam has returned to University.)

Afterwards, we went to see Run, Fat Boy, Run, the newest Simon Pegg film. It's nothing like as all out funny as the ZomRomCom Shaun of the Dead, or Hot Fuzz, but it's a very sweet film, and we enjoyed it. Hank Azaria's Whit is carefully drawn, and the flaws in his character only emerge very slowly. This means that it's perfectly understandable that Thandie Newton's Libby could have fallen for him in contrast to Pegg's Dennis, an obviously flawed loser whose qualities come out equally slowly.

("Dennis - you left her at the altar. Pregnant. Women remember things like that.")

Spam of the day ...

... appears to consist of an mp3 file, with no other content, and not even a subject. I assume it's yet another attempt to pwn PCs into botnets.

ETA: I was wrong. According to This Register report, it is apparently someone speaking in a monotonous drone telling the listener to buy shares in an obscure company. If this level of pump-and-dump is to hook any punters, those punters have got to almost be too dumb to breathe.

A little bit cheaper

On the trip to Japan, I took my normal phone - it's quad-band, and I know the UI. But, naturally, it would cost a bit if I were to make a phone call back to the UK.

But there is the Vodafone Passport service, which (providing you're on an allied network) charges you 75p for call initiation, and then uses normal within-the-UK charging for the actual minutes. If you have free minutes, it'll even use those first. And I do have plenty of free minutes. So, as a hypothetical example, spending 37 minutes 18 seconds speaking to my Mum (an Orange mobile user) should cost me 75p.

Not £55.875

It appears that Passport wasn't active on my account.


Happily, I had called the morning before we went to check that Passport was enabled (it was a pretty new account, I'd requested Passport when it was set up, but it never hurts to check these things), and had been assured that it was. That call is, of course, on their records, with the result that my bill will be recalculated.