August 13th, 2007



That was a long weekend. Not in time terms - we didn't have to take time off work - but in terms of content.

Summary: Recombination.

Précis: a Unicon (a University-based convention) at New Hall, Cambridge. This was a mixed literary/gaming/filk convention, as it also subsumed the British Roleplaying Society convention and Harmuni (the filk part). With about 200 attenders, it was running 4 or 5 tracks.

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And so, it came to and end. We'd attended 8 panels (not including the above closing ceremony) and been on 4, and really enjoyed ourselves. The convention was a success, sailing like a serene swan with no hint that, beneath the water, the feet were not only paddling, but at one point beating away a shark of trouble. (The issue in question was an unprecedented one, one that no sensible amount of preparation could have anticipated, and that was dealt with firmly and effectively. It was unpleasant for the behind-the-scenes people, but if I'd hadn't been privy to those people's knowledge, I'd never have known about it.)