June 14th, 2007



I think I'm turning into a zombie this afternoon. My brain is totally shutting down, and I think I need a fresh infusion of nice steaming brains before anyone's going to get any more work from me.

In other news, we finally went into Cambridge to see PotC III last night. This (the experience, not the film) was not as usually fun as normal for two reasons. Firstly, while in the restaurant half an hour beforehand, the fire alarm went off, and the entire block, including the cinema, was evacuated. We were finally allowed back in some 40 minutes later, at which point, we had barely time to pay up before hitting the auditorium.

Secondly, shuffling zombie hordes of Marillion fans had just left a gig at the Junction when the film finished. Since it was (a) a sell-out gig, and (b) Marillion fans have a fairly high car ownership rate, this meant a frightening queue for the pay machines in the car park, and then a 15 minute queue just to get out of it. As the tickets had been paid at the machines some time beforehand, they were re-expiring before the cars reached the barriers ...

Goodness Gracious Me

One of the most famous sketches from the wonderful comedy show Goodness Gracious Me satirises the British yobbo attitude to Indian restaurants. In the sketch, a bunch of somewhat pissed young Indians have descended on an British restaurant, and are demanding 'the blandest thing on the menu'.

It looks like reality may be catching up.

"Many people say if it doesn't have chillies in it, it's not worth eating, but I don't believe in that. Sometimes if you eat spicy food all the time, you want something that's a little 'blander'," she says.

"the crew here loved the shepherd's pie - they never knew a British dish could taste like that and they were amazed," she says