March 27th, 2007


Phoenix from the ashes

The MG-ZT is back in production. It's halfway across the world, over in Nanjing, but the new owners are making new MG-ZTs, identical all the way down to the Union/Chequered double flag logo on them. Except for them being called the MG7 - which is, in many ways, a saner model name.

And that means that spare parts will be available for longer for mine.

Fun number plates

Seen on Sunday, between Carmarthenshire and Deptford:
  • YUR1 on a big Mercedes - we expect the owner was Russian

  • B4 EVE - obviously an evolutionist rather than a creationist

  • 2 BE on a car parked on the Chelsea Embankment. Hmm, perfect for an unequivocal Shakespearean actor. Collapse )

And yesterday in Royston, a big maroon Rolls Royce whose owner had managed to get 'PARKER'. Well, by cheating - the 'A' was a rivet job, and I'm not quite sure how he'd done the 'R'. So it was a total cheat, but the owner had done it on the right car.