January 15th, 2007


Weekend part II

And to demonstrate that I am finally settling into middle age, I washed the car properly. Well, mostly properly - I didn't bother with the waxing, but I did actually use a shampoo this time. It's amazing how much muck one picks up on small Scottish farm tracks and, bearing in mind the tracks were in sight of the Solway Firth, I wanted the muck off before the sea salt starting doing nasty things to the body.

Afterwards, we headed into Cambridge, to Comet, in order to exchange a weather station that my mother had given us for Christmas. But none of it - we've been instructed to find out (at least roughly) when it was bought, and at which store, so that the selling store can admit that it was actually sold. The lack of an actual receipt is a bit of a pain, but Mum can't actually find it.

Finally, slightly late, to bugshaw to play Ursuppe Primordial Soup, a delightfully silly board game where you attempt to evolve your amoebas. This was with bellinghwoman, our hostess bugshaw and (I think - at least the details fit) despotliz, who was clever enough to keep killing my amoeba and who won as a result. By the time we got home after that, the cats were very peeve, being fed late two nights in a row.