November 28th, 2006



We're just back from the première of Hogfather, or at least, part 1 of 2.

If we were celebrity spotters, then tonight would have been a field day.

Firstly, Dawn French in the bar at Claridge's, at the next door table. Pure coincidence.

Then at the cinema, oh, where to start ? Linda Robson (a row further back from us, and further over to the side), Sir Ian Richardson (the other end of our row), Tony Robinson, Nigel Planer, David Jason (in the loos at the Park Lane Hilton!), Michelle Dockery (played Susan), and probably a whole bunch of people we didn't recognise on sight.


Oh yes, we went to the cinema this evening. We had out first ever (and very likely last ever) invitation to a première: to the Sky One production of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather (it's coming out as a two-parter on Sky over Xmas, since the theme fits very well). We left relatively early, and started off meeting people in Claridge's, wherein I had two martinis (nice ones, too).

Then we all took taxis over to the Curzon. There wasn't a red carpet as we entered, because it had all been decked out with a wintry theme, so there was a white carpet instead, with fake snow underfoot. However, there were plenty of police to keep the hordes of fans under control (OK, not that many fans, only a few dozen in total. It felt really weird bypassing and going straight in. Or, I would have gone straight in, if I hadn't stayed to pay off our taxi and promptly lost bellinghwoman, who had our tickets ...)

Into the cinema, to our seats and, hey, we get goodie bags. Chocolate (only Hersheys, rather than decent stuff - why give Hershey's out at all in Europe?), water bottles, CD, brochure (both for Sky's winter schedule), paperback of Hogfather (with the new cover showing Michelle Dockery as Susan), the hardback of the script, and a candy stick thing. All very nice, and somewhat unexpected.

So, trailers for Sky's winter schedule (not expected), but no ads (so the Pearl and Dean experience somewhat lost). 90 minutes of Hogfather part 2, followed by a quick trail for part two, and then a quick question/answer session from Pratchett/Jason/Dockery. I suspect many were wanting to get on to the party, so that was fairly brief.

Then onto the Zeta bar in the Park Lane Hilton. Good drinks (and I drank a fair bit - any typos are entirely my fault), with really nice nibbles, including tiny but delicious mince pies.

And finally home, by the fast train. Park Lane to home took 75 minutes.

And now, what was the actual production like? On the whole, extremely good (we did see it on a cinema screen, but someone with an HD TV should get most of the effect). Dockery made an excellent Susan, Marc Warren was exceptionally sinister as Teatime, Ian Richardson voiced Death rather nicely. The only point that I felt didn't entirely work was The Auditors - they are supposed to all sound the same, but in life, the result was too close to an info-dump.