April 11th, 2006


Mobile phone paranoia strikes again

I've found it somewhat amusing that the airlines are terrified of the humble mobile phone. Indeed, EasyJet will tell you not to turn your phone off until you are actually inside the arrivals building, for fear of igniting the aviation fuel.

This is despite the fact that experiments to actually ignite a critical concentration of fuel vapours lead to the conclusion that it is not the cellphone one need ban, it is static-inducing clothing such as the nylon shell suit. And quite possibly all other clothing, not to mention hair. So, for consistency, the airlines should insist on all passengers being stark naked and depilated from scalp to (hobbit?) toe, before their mobile phones need be worried about.

(A more scary thing to consider aboard an aircraft is difficult to think of.)

So the news that a pilot lost his phone in the cockpit, thereby preventing a flight from taking off, is darkly amusing.