February 3rd, 2005


Visited airport meme

Noted in feorag's journal - which airports have I visited:

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I'm bemused by having visited five different German airports, when two of those were for one trip in which our destination was actually Basel. And speaking of which, the next airport will be the Europort at Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg. So I could pretend that Baden and Friedrichshafer were Swiss - the latter is a mere ferry ride from the border - and that I will soon have done five Swiss airports.

One thing I notice is that I started out very slowly - it was a decade between my first and second commercial flight (I discount General Aviation as always having returned to where we took off). And ten years after that, I'd only done another half-dozen trips. Yet, last year we flew to Blackpool, to Basel, to Munich, to Boston and to Dublin, and I collected four new airports.