July 5th, 2003


Convention stuff

Yesterday morning, the final approved hotel booking form was ready, so I was outside the print shop at 9 am. It actually opens at 9:15, but there wasn't much point in wandering to far away.

750 copies, double sided A4, not too expensive except that they have to charge VAT as it's a form as opposed to a publication <grr>. I asked how much extra it would be to tri-fold them, and it was very little, so got that done as well, since it saves a lot of time if we don't have to fold by hand. By lunchtime, they'd been done.

So, the bellinghwoman spent the evening putting the forms into the already labelled and stamped envelopes, with the PR1, and this morning I went to the sorting office and handed all the envelopes over the counter.


150 years ago today, John Appleby resigned from his job because, he insisted, he'd been hired to drive, not to fly.

These days, I suspect that professional pilots would resign if told to drive coaches instead.