February 26th, 2003


Late night (again)

We were late to bed last night. One of Colette's colleagues is a Buffy fan, and we'd lent her the first season DVDs. In return, she lent us a tape with a whole series of 'Is it Bill Bailey?' on, which we'd not seen before.

Oh, how he's funny. A damned good musician, too - one of the items was on how you can find the influence of 'Cockney Music' in classical music, and he would play something like a Bach Toccata and Fuge, and 'show' the hidden 'Have a banana!' riff buried in it. And as for the Chris De Burgh piss-take 'Kill the Trolls' - it's perfect.

Five episodes in a row, though, may be a little too much.
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Goodbye till Aldebaran

So Pioneer 10 has now gone silent. To think that it was launched in March '72, before simonb and several others of our friends were conceived. Scary!

That's got to be the longest uptime of any unattended computer yet, and it's only shutting down for lack of power out there in the night.
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