The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Unexpected spectacle problem #1

As one who wears glasses instead of contacts to ameliorate my vision problems, I've long been used to the usual problems to do with keeping a metal and plastic framework balanced on my face. But today, I had a somewhat annoying one.

While walking to the front entrance of the office, I glanced to one side, and a wind gust caught my glasses and ripped them off my face. There was a *tink* as they struck the car beside me, but after that I couldn't see where they went.

I have enough difficulty finding them sometimes when I put them down on the duvet at home, as they have a very light frame, being almost not there at all. Against gravel, with wide dark lines between the stones, they'd be pretty well unfindable. But even a number of colleagues who darted out to help me couldn't see them anywhere.

One colleague gave me a lift home to collect my spare pair (which weren't where they were when I last knew where they were, but I rolled a natural 20 on the 'Guess where they've been tidied to' roll), and I was back at work five minutes later.

And with the space spare glasses on, I decided to first go as far directly downwind of the spot as practical, and see if they'd actually been blown right till they'd been stopped by an obstruction. Casting along the edge of the car park ... yes, there they were.

They were five parking spaces along, against the kerb.

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