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#208 Michael Coney: Gods of the Greataway (The Song of Earth #2)

Michael Coney: Gods of the Greataway (The Song of Earth #2)

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Futura Pubns. (16 Oct 1986)
ISBN-10: 0708881920
ISBN-13: 978-0708881927
Category(ies): SF

The followup to Celestial Steam Locomotive, this continues the tale of the Triad first started there. The plot has a dreamlike beauty on occasion, and all in all, it was a joy to read.

Near the end, there is a perhaps gratuitous retelling of the Icarus legend. It's almost totally unconnected to the rest of the story, but done using the same mythic elements (bird wings? Hah! Icarus fell when the firebox on his loco guttered out because he was on the edge of the atmosphere) as the rest of the novel. It's an almost perfect tour de force, which even explains the active volcano Stromboli. Coney here shows what writing could be.
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