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#194 F. M. Busby : Alien Debt

F. M. Busby : Alien Debt

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Bantam Books (Mm) (Jun 1984)
ISBN-10: 0553241761
ISBN-13: 978-0553241761
Category(ies): SF

In the same future as his Rissa Kerguelen series, this one concentrates on a trip to meet a race of aliens - a fairly dangerous race, because if they ovulate, they may try to mindlessly lay their eggs in the nearest warm body, but a friendly one nonetheless. But a third race is about, one with a crippling telepathic power able to render ships and entire planets devoid of sentience.

In the middle of this, Rissa and Tregare, with their (at least initially) prepubescent daughter Lisiele, end up trekking a quarter of the way round a strange planet.

I can't say I was wildly enthused about this one. It feels a bit clunky in places, the multiple midflight near-rendezvouses with unknown ships stretches the bounds of chance to their breaking point, and Busby's concentration on the sexual awakenings of young girls feels a little creepy these days. If it weren't for the sex, and a bit of violence, it'd be halfway to a juvenile, given the PoV frequently being young Lisiele, but it doesn't even manage that.

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