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#168 F. M. Busby: The Singularity Project

F. M. Busby: The Singularity Project

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Tom Doherty Assoc Llc; Reprint edition (Feb 1994)
ISBN-10: 0812521307
ISBN-13: 978-0812521306
Category(ies): SF/Thriller

As far as I know, this novel is not part of a continuing sequence, unlike most of the rest of the F M Busby I've read recently.

Our first-person protagonist Mitch is a techie - with a speciality in networks and communications - who gets caught up in a project that promises to provide a teleportation machine. The problem is, at least one of the main people involved is a previously convicted con man, and there's also someone apparently trying to get the project closed down. Mitch ends up trying to work out who this enemy is, while simultaneously trying to avoid being killed himself. And he's not entirely sure whether the project is a fraud or not in the first place.

This is very much of its time. Being effectively set when it was written makes it very susceptible to dating problems - part of the plot works on the premise that someone can be stopped from communicating by not letting them hang up their phone. This is then worked round by (a) getting a second land line (Busby's hero happens to know how to arrange this without getting a second wire run in to his property), and then (b) using CB and finally (c) cell phones. To someone reading this a decade and a half after it was written, this is 'no shit, Sherlock' time. The novel is also prone to Busby's tendency to lard everything with lashings of sex, though I'll give him this - the protagonist isn't at all phased about being snogged by a M/F transsexual (and one only part was through the process at that).

By the way - if the story has finished at its natural end, then I wouldn't have added the SF category.

Fun, though it probably read better when first published.
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