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#165 F. M. Busby: Zelde M'Tana

F. M. Busby: Zelde M'Tana

Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Berkley Pub Group (Mm); Reissue edition (Sep 1986)
ISBN-10: 0425092968
ISBN-13: 978-0425092965
Category(ies): SF

Also set in the UET world, this introduces the Zelde M'Tana. Captured by the authorities from a gang of street children, she is bundled into the holds of a starship bound supposedly for a farming colony. Except, it turns out the destination is not - it's a mining colony, and the only use for women there is in the brothels. But then, the ship suffers the frequent fate of UET ships everywhere - mutiny.

Zelde manages to snag the new captain. She's tough, and capable, and she likes that in a man too. But the problem with sleeping with the skipper is that her fast climb through the ranks is assumed to be only because she's opening her legs to him, not that she's got ability. How this all works out is much of the focus of this novel.

(The front cover sucks, though. Presumably the artist didn't read any description of the character. Rissa is African black, with tight frizzy curls. The cover picture shows a woman with an Indian black look, and straight hair.)

Another UET novel, revealing a character tangentially shown in Rissa Kerguellen.
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