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#157 Juliet McKenna: Turns and Chances

Juliet McKenna: Turns and Chances

Hardcover: 100 pages
Publisher: PS Publishing (1 Aug 2004)
ISBN-10: 190461907X
ISBN-13: 978-1904619079
Category(ies): Fantasy

A companion piece to jemck's Tales of Eniarinn series, this novella doesn't have a world spanning plot, nor earth shattering consequences. Instead, it tells the tale of a disparate group of 'ordinary people' who won't take the plotting and intrigues of Lords and Dukes any more, and try to do something about it, rather than merely accept being pawns. Being so short, it doesn't have the space for the character development that a novel four times its length would, which means that many wouldn't want to buy it. And many would also feel cheated if they don't get their big doorstop of a book. But those people would be missing a thoughtful story that tries to develop a reality that most fantasy just rides past.

Quality often comes in small packages.
Tags: books, books by friends, reviews

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