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#154 A3R Roberts: Star Warped

A3R Roberts: Star Warped

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Gollancz; New Ed edition (9 Feb 2006)
ISBN-10: 0575077700
ISBN-13: 978-0575077706
Category(ies): SF/Parody

There are two Adam Roberts. One is the author of quirky, interesting novels like Salt, or Gradisil. The other ... well, the other is the author of items like this.

You can tell from the cover what it is - it's a piss-take of Star Wars, one in which the Force is replaced by the Farce. That's both a remarkably silly idea - suitably so for a parody - and one that develops a momentum of its own. However, though there are inventive elements here, and it might be more intelligently written than the original, in the end, this has the perpetual problem of all such parodies - it has to rely on the original for its existence. Without the reader's knowledge of the six films (and yes, this does cover all 6, if more and more briefly as the chapters go on), it would be pointless. With it, it has to hope that the reader isn't too attached to those original films to be able to appreciate it. In the end, it manages to stay on that tightrope, but it's probably more effort than it's worth.

At least it's better than the Harvard Lampoon version would be.
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