The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

A bit much for one day

Saturday just gone was a little full. Well, you see, it went as follows:

00:30 - the latest Harry Potter film, at the Vue in Cambridge. No-one else from our FLs there.
02:45 - leave cinema (the lights going up and the volume going down about halfway through the credits may just have been a hint, there)
03:15 - get home, to bed
13:50 - woke up. Quickly get dressed, prepare burgers (three different varieties including turkey)
14:20 - leave home
15:45 - arrive in Botley (Oxford) for the house-warming of tla and knell. Various others from our FLs there.
20:20 - leave
21:40 - pop into Milton (Cambridge) Tesco to look for some replacement shoes
21:50 - arrive at party of la_marquise_de_. Various others from our FLs there.
24:30 - leave again for home
24:55 - arrive home, feed cats, etc.

A good 200+ mile loop, using both the edges of London and the edge of Northampton in the process.

Sunday was mostly collapse and play WoW with gmh. Various others from our FLs there. bellinghwoman and I now have level 64 characters.

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