The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

And off to the cinema

Last night, we returned to the Grafton centre cinema for the first time in ages. This has some advantages:

1: the car park isn't insanely tight
2: the Peking in Burleigh St is much better food than the Lucky Star Buffet
3: the cinema tickets are slightly cheaper

Getting into Cambridge was a bit of a faff, due to road works and heavy rain, but it doesn't seem to be any harder getting to East Road than it is getting to Clifton Way. I have come to loathe the Clifton Way carpark because it's an ugly mess, built to squeeze the maximum possible number of parking spaces in, and the access ramps are so tight that I end up worried about scraping the side of the car.

But we got in in plenty of time, and bought the tickets for the 20:30 showing of the film. Dodging the torrential downpours, we went round to the Peking, only the second time we've been there (that it doesn't take credit cards may be one reason - you need to be a little more prepared, and I very rarely use cash these days). We got a table, ordered, and were fed in a remarkably quick time. The food is not your normal western Chinese restaurant fare - the menu includes a number of dishes with tripe or frogs legs, and I had tofu and minced pork in a hot bean sauce. Also, though the dishes look very expensive when you initially look at the menu, the portions are large. This isn't a place where you have lots of dishes - one apiece, maybe even one between two, is quite reasonable.

And then, back to the cinema for the film.


OK, it has its moments, did Shrek 3. It was better than Shrek 2, which I had found a deep let-down after the sheer magic of Shrek 1, but it did maintain much of Shrek 2's faults. Its take on subverting fairy tales wasn't as good as, for example, Hoodwinked. It wasn't bad per se, and I'm not asking for my money back, but ... meh! I can see why the reviews were merely lukewarm.

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