The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman


The ISC marches on. Today is but the latest manifestation.

13 years ago, as I reckon it, I knew nobody named Simon. Now, I have a brother-in-law named Simon, and there's nallac, simonb, saraphale and bslsimes, as well as major_clanger and sion_a, just to list some of those on my friends list (and two of those were at our wedding, and we were at the wedding of a third). As of today, we now have two Simons in our company, whereas 13 weeks ago there were none.

Similarly, I knew no Karens, and now have three on my FL alone. It got to the stage that herself and I told the latest one that, if she hadn't come with a nickname already attached, we'd have been disambiguating her by calling her YAK, for Yet Another Karen.

I'm fairly sure that none of the above have been born within that period, so where have they all come from? I'm beginning to suspect aliens.

ETA: added some more Simons, one of whom I'd completely skipped, and one of whom has elided his 'm', the better to infiltrate.

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