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#145 Elizabeth Moon: Sporting Chance (The Serrano Legacy #2)

Elizabeth Moon: Sporting Chance (The Serrano Legacy #2)

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Orbit; New Ed edition (5 Aug 1999)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1857238826
ISBN-13: 978-1857238822
Category(ies): SF

The sequel to Hunting Party, the plot here continues straight on from the previous one. The royal heir, Prince Gerel, needs returning to court from the shenanigans that concluded the first volume. In addition, Heris had managed to rescue some of her former colleagues - when she'd agreed to resign her captaincy, she though she'd been doing it to protect her former crew from recriminations. But they'd not been protected at all, and she's now recruited many of them back again.

The problem is that Heris and Lady Cecilia have made enemies. Understandably, they didn't mean to do so, they only meant to survive, but in order to do so, they couldn't help but inconvenience certain parties, those who would rather not be exposed. And some of those parties have very incriminating secrets indeed, and some of those parties are in very high places.

By the end of this volume, we've seen the apparently useless wastrels of the first book mature and become strong characters in their own right.

The complexity deepens.
Tags: books, reviews

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