The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

General News

Herself is off work today (and was yesterday, too). She thought she'd just cricked her back, but it wasn't going away, and she'd got herself a high temperature too. When she went to the doctor yesterday, it was diagnosed as a kidney infection, she was given antibiotics, and it should clear up fairly quickly now.

It did mean though that yesterday evening's trip to Cambridge to go see Hot Fuzz (see previous post) was a little bit trickier, since every single bump in the road caused her to squeak. I used one of the disabled spaces in the car park, because every foot she walked was painful.

This morning, I took the car round to the tyre place. The tyres are supposed to be at 32 psi, but the driver's side rear was able to drop to half that in a mere 4 days. A close look showed that a screw had gone straight through the tread and was protruding a good inch inside. Well, a quick job to extract the screw, drill its entry point out and patch. Or a simple job unless the workshop has broken its drill, so they had to try to borrow one from a neighbour, but it didn't fit their airline, so they carried my tyre round to drill it at their neighbour's ...

Ah well, it only took an extra hour, and £15 for a repair is a damned sight cheaper than replacing the tyre. (I asked them what they'd quote for a replacement if I'd have needed one, and it was nearly £250!)

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