The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Late diarising - Cambridge and Botley

And last weekend was (mostly) good.

Friday evening was gaming with bugshaw. We very naughtily had food - well, naughty for me, bellinghwoman doesn't need to diet any more. And as I felt like a curry, but our hostess felt like using a Chinese delivery, the result was that I had some Mongolian Lamb curry, which was rather different, and rather nice.

Before the food arrived, we played Tantrix, an amusing game that involved attempting to generate the longest line or better yet loop, by laying down hexagonal tiles. And after the meal, we played Space Munchkin. Unsurprisingly, as total novices at both games, we lost, the Bug winning, but it was good fun.

(Unfortunately, I got acid reflux in the middle of the night. I suppose a Lamb Curry hits most of the food-type buttons for that. Oops - acid reflux is most unpleasant.)

On Saturday evening, having polished off some work in much less time that I'd expected, I suggested that we head over Oxfnord way to j4 and addedentry's house-warming. It's not too bad a journey of an evening, and it was lovely to see both them and other friends who were there (lnr, sesquipedality and uitlander among others), and finally very briefly met burkesworks. We stayed somewhat later than I'd expected, finally departing when we'd gobbled all the food at about 01:15. With almost completely empty roads, we managed to return to Royston is a mind-bogglingly quick 1:20, thus getting home well before 3 am.

Sunday was mostly playing World of Warcraft. It's amazing what a time sink that can be. Amazing to someone who doesn't play, perhaps, all actual players already know this.

Somehow, despite falling badly off the wagon there, I managed to lose a pound last week. Note to self, though - pay more attention to party nibbling, or the avoidance thereof.

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