The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

The weekend

This last weekend was very much in two parts.

Saturday was the 'attempt to find stuff in shops' day. Firstly, shopping in Royston, starting at the top of the hill with Mica, where we picked up picture hooks and a tack hammer.

(I've been swearing for quite a while at the process of putting up picture hooks with a great big claw hammer. It's way too big for the job - one wants something light that moves easily.)

A little further down to pick up a shoe horn, and then to the shop where we collected a bunch of pictures that had been framed. 3 Kidby Death pictures, with a metallic blue frame, 1 Kidby with a metallic gold frame (yes, that can work), and one Ferrari (the Book Wyrm) with a wood frame. My credit card went ouch, but that's what we expected.

So far, so good. Now, the other side of town, to the industrial area, where we wanted to get a replacement kitchen sink tap (the current one is leaking underneath, and leaks into the under-sink cupboard). Annoyingly, both the relevant places were closed, so we needed to head off to Cambridge.

Into Tesco, where I bought an emergency keyboard, and she bought a pair of headphones, and some coffee and other stuff.

In Cambridge, we first dropped into a bathroom showroom off Newmarket Road, looking at nice stuff. We don't intend to buy that yet, but it's nice to see stylish items.

Then we dropped in to Comet, because we had a faulty Weather Station. It'd been a Christmas gift, and we now had the receipt, and we wanted to change it. Annoyingly, the item turned out to be a Christmas special - now sold out, and not destined to be replaced. So, we got the money and wondered where we could find an alternative.

Got a tap from Homebase. Not the type we'd have liked, but it'll last till we redo the kitchen.

We wandered off and found another bathroom showroom, in what used to be Coral Park. Not as nice as the first - more obviously part of a chain, but some nice stuff in there.

And then we crossed over to the Beehive Centre, just because I wanted to see how that had changed since I'd left Cambridge. And there, we spotted Maplin, and there we got a Weather Station. It's different from the Comet one, with different functionality, but it's roughly par with it.

And then we got home and played WoW and stuff. We sort of accidentally ended up on the wrong server. Ah well, these things happen.

Sunday, well, much simpler. We hung pictures, 9 of them. And then, WoW again, getting induced into a guild without even asking *cough*. My Shaman got to level 12 before we decided we needed to go to Booty Bay to buy some parrots, and on the run down through Dark Shore, we got mugged by a large pussy cat. Strangely enough, the rest of the journey went without incident.

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