The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Hmm, hot!

Oh dear ghod, I'm turning into a chilli-head.

One thing with being on this diet is that one gets rather bored of the small variety of soups available. And I'm not that keen on some of them - I've never liked tomato soups, and the broccoli and cheese one is rather thin.

So, in an effort to spice them up without actually adding a measurable calorie load, I've taken to adding a bit of chilli sauce. This lunch, it was a teaspoon of Tabasco Habanero (the hottest from that particular stable), and I was drinking the soup and thinking "this isn't very hot, but there are some nice flavours in there".

I'm now wondering where to get more Dave's Insanity, since although I don't use huge quantities of that, I'm using much more that the original single drop that I started at ( though I'm unlikely to try the half-teaspoon quantity again). I'm rather bemused at how my heat tolerance has built up, so that I'm now drinking soups a single drop of which makes bellinghwoman shy away.

Once the heat has turned off, one can definitely taste some of the other flavours in some of the sauces.

But before I get blamed for masochismo, I should point out that I didn't intend to get acclimatised. It just happened, over a period of some weeks.

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